Another racist pops up as a friend of obama.

September 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm | Posted in National Politics | Leave a comment

For twenty years, obama attended a church run by a racist.  Of course he provided he  never heard any of the inflammatory  and racist language used by his former pastor.    One must think, how the  smartest man ever was not able to pick up on such language or the attitude of Wright. 

Well, now it seems in addition to  a former unrepentant terrorists,  obama has had as a friend a self described communist who is also  a racist, and who  signed a statement asking for an investigation into September 11, 2001, that seems to push the idea that some in the Bush administration might have known about the attack before it happened.  He also has called Republicans ass-holes, and complained about “white polluters”.   He was also a member of a number of far left groups. 

Now, one would thing holding or having held such views would be a death blow for anyone wanting to hold a high level position in the White House.  That with all of the attention on a college thesis by the COMPOST, the post would also spend some time investigating this guy. Yet, because one is a Republican, and the other is a far left wing nut, the  wing nut gets a pass.


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