Just how stupid is obama??

July 25, 2009 at 12:45 am | Posted in National Politics | Leave a comment

Now we know why he does not speak without his teleprompter.  His foot in mouth response to the arrest of a Harvard professor during his press conference on Wednesday night is typical of a person who thinks they know more then the next person.

Even after admitting he did not know the facts of the situation, he proceeded to provide his opinion anyway.    This is the at least the second time in six months obama working without the teleprompter made a fool of himself.  The first was during his very first press conference when he made a poor attempt at insulting Nancy Reagan.   He had to apologize the next day.    As far as I am aware it was the first time a President had to apologize for a poor joke. 

Now, obama has waded into an issue  he simply did not have to, and yet again has had to apologize for sticking his foot in his mouth.    Though, given he has not experience, no self control and no morals, it is not surprising to see just how weak of a person he is.


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