Obama’s take on law breaking.

July 3, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Illegal Aliens, National Politics | Leave a comment

Obama goes after Wall Street and investment bankers on the grounds they are greedy and not willing to “share” in the sacrifice for the common good.  He supports laws that will increase oversight of Wall Street.   There are very few examples where people on Wall Street broke the law.   Yet, obama is going after Wall Street as if every single investment banker, broker, etc,  is a criminal.

Now, lets see how he views people who have broken the law, illegal aliens.  He sees nothing wrong with their actions, sees no greed in their law breaking, not paying taxes, not paying into Social Security, not playing by any rule whatsoever.  Yet, obama wants to reward these people for breaking the law.   I guess one must have a liberal “brain” to come to that type of conclusion.


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